I spent a lot of time on Pinterest last night, funny how you can get lost in it for hours!  I started looking at garden ideas, both for our yard and for the yard we may want to create for the backyard wedding at the kids’ house.

We have two pieces of wood we’ve been wanting to make a garden table with – and this seems like that deadline opportunity we need to get it done is at hand.   I saw clay pots made into table top fire pits using fire glass to cover the fuel gel containers and add pretty reflection, these are relatively inexpensive and can be very pretty.  I’m not sure how copywrite things work so don’t want to post photos of someone else’s project.

Then I found myself looking at lemon grass and rhubarb and herbs and flowers and…. oh, my!   I have so many pins saved to my board, it will take a week of Sundays to find my favorites again.  What did we do before the internet?  Oh, I guess we drove to the nursery and walked around and filled a cart with what we wanted instead of just thinking about it!


#springplanning #diygardening #planning #washyourhands #green #bloom #thatdarnpinterest #diginthedirt #playintheyard #freshair #embracingdetours


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