A spring wedding, I envisioned sun and flowers, tulips and daffodils….  what I forgot is that spring in the Pacific Northwest is anything but predictable!  We stayed in Sunriver, Oregon (SUNriver) for our honeymoon and it was beautiful but on day two there was snow, cold, cold snow.  So we thought we would head south and find the sunshine.  (It’s been nearly 36 years, I don’t know what we did about canceling the remaining days???)

So south to California and Tree’s of Mystery and the Redwood Forest National Park.  We had so much fun playing in the sun and having a totally different experience then what we had planned.

The Oregon Coast is so beautiful, we had to stop a number of times on our return and, because we were young (now we are more young at heart!), we ran to the ocean.  I’m ready to hit the road fulltime and have every day (most days) be a day of exploration and be ready to embrace those detours!

#embracingdetours #flexible #changeyourmind #gowiththeflow #followthesunshine #runbarefoot #oceanwaters

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