tiny storage
Tiny Storage

At some point over the weekend the news alert on my phone said “Minimalism is dead” – of course now I can’t find the article because my algorithm quickly changes it’s mind on what I should know at a glance.  I did laugh when I saw the title though – would some who have been working hard to be one of the cool kids and living minimally head out and refill the nooks and crannies of their homes?

future home

Our reason for simplifying our life is when we retire we plan on moving into a 280 square foot GMC Motorhome and traveling light.  This has bled into living more simply today.  It’s not been an easy road after nearly 36 years of our buying ‘necessities’, plus souvenirs from travel and life in general.  While we still have plenty to go, I feel what we have now are things we use, well….maybe not all.

Flying free

Another inspiration to live simply is what is known as the Swedish Death Clean.  Döstädning, which means “death cleaning” in English, is a method of downsizing and organizing. The approach is designed as an easy way for folks over 50 to purge their homes and organize their possessions in hopes that their children won’t be overburdened by their belongings once they pass away. Sure, it sounds creepy, but it’s actually a pretty smart idea.   I feel we are close to living only with what is useful for now and things we enjoy.  We do not have boxes tucked in an attic, basement or a shed that haven’t been looked at in years.  I don’t want to leave the responsibility of sorting through these things to our family, things that weren’t important enough for us to enjoy, or perhaps even remember we had.

It’s a journey!


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