There are degrees of acceptance – those involving forgiveness, traffic, annoying traits, conversations that start with ‘long story short…’.  The acceptance I’m facing is my hair!  There is nothing like planning a party or having an event or inviting people you don’t know well into our home to make me kick it into high gear and give a thorough cleaning to the house or simply clean off that pile on the dining room table.  This wedding has me focused on ME – well, because, of course – who else?!?!?  I’m kidding, sort of.  But there will be photos taken and that does affect me!

Not me!

So today is March 1st, meaning I have about three haircuts to find the style I like and that actually goes with my wavy, sometimes curly, hair – and have time to grow out and start over.  I started going gray in my early 20’s (like 21) so I spent decades coloring my hair.  A few years ago I decided enough was enough, and I like the gray tones my hair naturally turned, so I stopped coloring it.  But I have yet to find a hair style that doesn’t look the same in every photo I’ve taken in the last 30 years.  I don’t want to look like I’m trying to still be in my teens – as if I could in any shape or from – and I don’t want to look like I’ve given up either.  There has to be something in the middle.  I have googled ‘hair cuts for women in their 50’s (and 60’s) and I either am looking at an article from the Kate Plus 8 years or pixies and bobs are the only options along with a ton of hairspray that I thought we didn’t do anymore!

The hair

So I’m going to make an appointment with a ‘real’ salon and take a few minutes to be brave and ask questions instead of just saying, “Take an inch off the bottom and trim my bangs below the brow line.”  I accept I am older and chunkier and I’m okay with that, I know I will wear an outfit to the wedding that has a long, sheer jacket to hide behind and the closest thing to heels I will be wearing will be Orthoheel ‘s.    I finally accept the curls that do what they want when they want – and won’t hold a curl when you try to guide them a little bit.  I accept all that, but still, I want to ROCK the hair!!


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