We have an extra day and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.  It seems like it should be a day when we do something out of the norm, not something we’d do on a non-bissextile year (yes, I googled Leap Year).  It has a lot of potential, so much that I can’t even come up with what we should do today!  Go for a drive, go to a matinee, maybe to the Chihuly Glass Museum?

We have a few errands to do in the morning, maybe something fantastic will pop into my head and we will have something to look back on for the next four years!  No pressure.

……hours later…….

Well I guess a productive day can be as satisfying as an ‘exciting’ day??  Since it wasn’t raining we decided to fill up the back of the truck and head to the recycling center (aka the dump), we’ve been making a couple piles, inside and out, and evidently no good fairy was coming to take it all away so that left us to lug it, tie it down and unload it all.  420 pounds plus the broken dishwasher so not a bad mornings work.  As much as we give to the Goodwill and to our Local Buy Nothing Site, there are some things that are beyond repair.

Our apricot tree is in bloom, much too early as always for the bees to pollinate so we went out with our q-tips and pollinated the blossoms before a rain and wind storm comes and it’s too late.  In all the years we have had this tree, we have had ONE apricot!  The next year the tree was loaded and we were looking forward to our little harvest when something came along and beat us to them.  I suspect birds because the apricots weren’t near ready to pick and there was no evidence of any four legged creatures having visited.  So we will try again this year.  (still working on the focal point of the photos)

Hope you are enjoying this extra day.


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3 Replies to “Leap Year”

  1. Growing up, our family had an apple orchard. My Dad planted a dozen Apricot trees one year. They lasted a few years before an exceptionally cold winter killed them. They were the Most beautiful trees with their Spring blooms and their Fall colors! Thank you for the reminder!

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