It is a favorite quote of the husbands – “You need to exercise the gaskets.”  He asks, “When was the last time you opened the sunroof in your car?” and I say “I dunno…it’s raining!”


We know there will be another round of cold weather come mid-March so we have kept the GMC Eleganza Motorhome winterized.  We are looking forward to a short trip in late spring we have reserved and a few others this summer.   We keep her plugged in and have a radiant oil heater inside to keep the interior warm(ish).

We started her up and ‘exercised the gaskets’, turned on the generator and ran the heater.  We programmed channels on the radio/back up camera screen and made sure everything was dry and smelled good, no musty odors.  We partially emptied and refilled the airbags and checked all the sensors and gauges.

We have made a few minor changes and additions.  I love our new smoke detectors, they are small yet when we tested them they work as well as the ‘big guys’.  We installed this one with 3M tape on the MaxxAir fan so if/when I burn the bacon and the detector complains with a shrill siren, we can turn the fan on quickly to get the smoke out.  We also changed out the rear window blinds.  With the curve of the walls in the GMC, similar to an Airstream, the mounting brackets weren’t square with the wall and… well…. I pulled hard on the cord and it fell off.  With the blinds I had adhered Velcro to the walls and the blinds but it wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, so I guess it was a good thing I yanked it right off the wall in one of those glad it was me and not you moments.  I do like the softness of the new black out curtains we installed and the curtain rods curve at the ends to allow the fabric to come flush against the wall so no light peeks in.

beach house

It’s been amazing to get so much positive feedback on our YouTube channel, with over 200 subscribers and over 20,000 (!!!!) views on our tour of the rv video.  I feel bad we haven’t done another video but we are waiting for that trip this spring so we have something worth recording!  While it shouldn’t matter what others think of your design choice, or your life choices in general I guess, it is nice to know others appreciate the vision we had for our interior.

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