I don’t need a groundhog to tell me spring is on the way.

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The hyacinths are poking through!  I planted these on the day of my soon to be daughter-in-law’s mom’s funeral.   They are just below their living room window and I hope when she notices them in the next week or so, when they are in full bloom, they bring her joy.

It takes practice and I need a lot more!  I wasn’t intending for the first photo of these crocuses to have the focus be the dead leaves and sprouting grass but photo two is more what I was aiming for.  This is the advantage of a digital camera, I’m not stuck with photo number one.  Sad to say, even with the little green focus box on my camera I still have photos like this.   I am loving this challenge – a combination of writing daily in addition to getting back into taking pictures with my Nikon.  Thank you #embracingdetours for the nudge to embrace MY life.

Although the clouds were starting to appear, it was still dry and warmish for a February day so I brought Loki over to play with Olaf.  I was hoping to get some good motion shots of the dogs but they were more interested sitting in the patch of sunshine, me too!

#seattlesunshine #almostspring #embracingdetours #focus #dogplay #sunray


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