Tuesday wasn’t just a tease

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After 80 straight days of clouds, Seattle FINALLY had it’s first sunny day of the decade on Wednesday, February 19th!  I left for work a few minutes early so I could head down to the park and see if I could get a few minutes of holding the camera straight and get a few good shots of the morning sun hitting the skyline.  It was a brisk 31 degrees which made it a different type of challenge to keep the camera still in my cold fingers.  The crows were out early enjoying some light on their wings, they certainly weren’t getting heat but they seemed happy.

The sun was peeking through the naked trees making the evergreens glow in it’s light.


The snow on the Cascade Mountain Range looks so close.  The range goes from south British Columbia to northern California and is included in The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail .  It begins in  southern California at the Mexican border, and covers 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington until reaching the Canadian border.  While that hike is out of my comfort zone by a good 2640 miles (!), I sure applaud those that hike it.

As beautiful as our city is on a sunny day, I’m looking forward to planning a warm weather vacation this winter! Taking Vitamin D by the handful or putting a SAD light (yes, that is a real thing in this neck of the woods!) in your Amazon cart  is just not the same as having the sun shine on your skin.  Sunblock on my face and a big hat, yes, but bare arms and uncovered toes sound divine!


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