The bluest skies you’ve ever seen….

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…are in Seattle.  I don’t suppose anyone else remembers that theme song in Here Come The Brides with Bobby Sherman and David Soul?  Well, when the sun comes out it sure feels like there can’t be anything bluer then a Seattle sky, though in the winter with no cloud cover it’s cold!

starbucks flag

I notice that I always hold the camera at a slight angle and even with editing it’s hard to get it centered. And when I’m doing a close up, I seem to always have a moon shaped shadow at the bottom of the photo. These are a couple things I need to work on.

This used to be the Sears building, with retail on the bottom floors and the call center on the higher floors.  It is now Starbucks Headquarters with a Starbucks Roaster and Princi Bakery which are open to the public – it’s hard to drive straight past when you know there is fresh baked olive bread and a cup of coffee so close.  I enjoy the view from this temp job.  Well, to be honest I’m working in a cubicle but when on my way to the copier I have a nice view!


The view from the parking lot isn’t bad either, but my view is primarily of the desk:


It has been nearly two decades since I worked in an office setting and learning Excel has me wavering between ‘what am I doing??’ to ‘that is amazing!’  Even the copier, that collates and staples and scans and emails, impresses me.  I try not to say, ‘you know, in my day…..’!  I admit it feels good to know at almost 58 years of age, it’s not too late to learn new things and do them well.

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