I just published yesterdays post and thought I’d better at least write the title of the next one and leave it open on my computer to remind me in the morning!



I had an idea of what I was going to write about today and then yesterday late afternoon we were watching the Nascar race.  Both my husband and I were brought up when Wide World of Sports was the weekend TV and both our dads liked to watch the car races – and work on cars.  We visited the Daytona racetrack back in 2003,  one year we went to Las Vegas to watch a race in person, and we used to enjoy watching the races on Sundays.  He had his favorite driver, Kurt Busch and I had mine, Tony Stewart with Ryan Newman a close second.  Races are generally every Sunday but the last few years there are frequent weather delays pushing them to a Monday or Tuesday (climate change anyone?) and the fact that they are loonnnnggg races and your driver may be in the lead nearly the entire race only to have a crash in the last 5 laps change everything – well, we stopped watching quite a while ago.


Yesterday (because of a rain out) the opening race of the season was on while I was home.  I turned the Daytona 500 on and while I wasn’t glued to it, it was nice background as I puttered around the house.  It was still on when he got home from work and we watched the last 20 plus laps together.  With one lap to go, Ryan Newman was in the lead when his car got loose and he rammed into the wall and it only got more horrific from there.  It was hours before Nascar would announce he was alive, though at this time there is no way to know what his true injuries are.

What was my takeaway (besides I am done, again, with Nascar)? I think it’s better to be the driver in your life plan then a passenger, that you should participate in the decision making of the path you are taking and while you need to consider the risks, you should follow your heart and go for it.

These are old photos – while I am reading a bit about my camera and going to start lugging it around with me for that perfect photo opportunity, I’m posting a few oldies to keep me inspired to do better and do more.


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