The New Year has already exceeded my expectations!

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casino win

We started our year with a trip to Snoqualmie Casino.  We were looking forward, again, to our senior discount at the buffet (!) and spending some time with our son and his girlfriend away from work and home.  We got a little gussied up and enjoyed a meal and conversation.  We each had our $20 and I played a bit of roulette and was able to put my original $20 back in my purse and play with the $30 I won.  Then went to the Anchor Man slot machine – because it has the GMC Motorhome – and won $50 more.  DONE.  Until we all decided to get a free soda before heading out and I thought…. well…. I promise I won’t get mad when I lose this $10 instead of walking out.  What a surprise when my second spin of a $3.00 bet turned itself into over $730!  I’m suspicious of good luck so spent a few minutes wondering how it was going to balance out – but so far so good!


At the end of 2019 I started a new personal journey by joining the clerical substitute pool with our local school district.  Just before the holidays I got a great assignment working in a program that coordinates teens tutoring kids to achieve reading success.  It’s been a hot minute since I did any type of secretarial work so I turned to YouTube to learn how to do Excel.  I may have had a few crazy dreams projecting my feelings of being an imposter by not knowing what in the world I was doing, but after a few days my confidence has found it’s footing.  I guess it really isn’t ever to late to teach yourself something new!

He asked, She said yes

And yes…. he asked and she said yes!  And while the details are theirs to share, we couldn’t be happier to know Danny and Kim will be tethered together forever.  They began as co-workers and their relationship built to friendship, best friends, realized they were in love, became business partners and now they will be married.  It brings me joy.


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