If you are a Seattleite you know a few years back Russell Wilson’s mantra was “Why Not Us?”.  It took our team, the Seahawks, to the Superbowl.  Beyond the excitement of having what that success brought to our city, it really is a good life lesson.  Why NOT us?  Why not reach for your dream?  Why not work to make it happen?  Why not take a chance?  Why not stick your toes in the water and then make the decision to swim or go back to the beach but STICK YOUR TOES IN THE WATER!

While you don’t have to go full Beastmode, beginning to make a plan will send a tingle up your spine. I remember when I was a preteen and my grandparents bought a mini-Winnebago.  My grandpa was a first generation American, he was a dairy farmer who worked hard all his life – no automated milkers for most of his days.  The excitement in his eyes when we visited them and the little motorhome was parked in their yard, I was so excited for him.  Then….. my grandma changed her mind and they returned it.  His big ‘travel trip’ was from the dealership and back.  I was heartbroken for him.   Part of my desire to travel is a dedication to him.

We have some fun travel plans booked for this year with the GMC Motorhome and a few without.  We are in the beginning stages of planning a big trip in 2021 – one that will involve learning bits and pieces of a new language!

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