2020 – I still write 19__!

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As the sun was setting on the 10’s, I have to admit I enjoyed Cheri Oteri’s welcoming the new decade with a Barbara Walters’ ‘2020’ tribute (?), maybe it helped put the new decade in perspective by making me laugh instead of thinking I’m another year older and what do I do to make this the best year yet?

Last year was fulfilling and while it seems more comfortable to play down the good times, because it seems in bad form to celebrate instead of finding something to complain about, we had a fun year.  We created our Beach Bungalow for the interior of our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2.  We reached over 13,000 views of our make-over video on YouTube, which is shocking!  And while we had one negative comment from someone who didn’t like my voice (I fought the urge to call him out and just deleted the comment – like a mature adult!), we have had great responses. The blog continues to grow.  We have spent some wonderful time with our grandson, who is growing into a smart, caring, respectful, comical preteen.  We’ve enjoyed the time we’ve been able to spend with our youngest son and his girlfriend as their business continues to thrive. And because we live close in proximity we continue to enjoy Sunday dinners and Taco Tuesdays together on a regular basis.


We are looking forward to booking glamping trips in our RV this summer in addition to taking a cruise this spring to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary.  We will be taking the motorcycle and scooter for drives on sunny weekends.  We will make time to take time. When the endocrinologist sums up your husbands last doctor appointment by saying he is in the top 5 – 10% of most complicated blood sugar stabilization of anyone he’s dealt with in his entire career (and he’s no spring chicken!) you chose to either fight to be #1 or continue to do your best and enjoy each day as a gift.  We are choosing to enjoy each day and we need to book that trip to Asia he’s been wanting to take.


This year I want to focus on new, and old, diabetic friendly recipes, move a bit more, smile a lot and enjoy my new role as a floating substitute for the local school district.   I want to continue to simplify and minimize and live as much for today as for tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


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