Rainiest Seattle day in a decade?

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Well – that’s saying something since it’s the end of 2019!  It’s gray and wet and I’m grateful we already cleared the gutters on both the sticks and bricks and the GMC Motorhome!  It looked like it was already 4:00 in the afternoon and it was barely noon.

It was a perfect night for grilled cheese (on Dave’s Killer Bread, the lowest carb slices we can find) and matzah ball soup made from our left over turkey stock.  Afterwards we walked out to the GMC Motorhome to see if there was any leaking.  It was great to know our pre-winter preparations had paid off.  We had just a trace water dripping in where pine needles  had gotten between the door frame and the seal which was a two paper towel clean up and an easy fix to prevent it from happening again.  What a relief.

xmas table

It’s the last weekend before Christmas and I think we did pretty well keeping our selves in check and finding things that were thoughtful yet useful for our friends and family.  We are looking forward to sharing an experience with our grandson tomorrow and enjoying a meal that we will all prepare together. It feels good not to feel rushed and overwhelmed with holiday craziness.

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