100 Subscribers to YouTube!

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How exciting this morning to get an email from YouTube to tell us that we now have 100 subscribers to our YouTube channel.  We have learned the RV community is a wonderfully supportive group and we are all interested in what others are doing to make their homes their own, whether they are stationary, part-time or fulltime RV-ers.  While many are sticklers for keeping everything as original as possible, many others are open as we are to making it your own.

california sea lion.jpg


When I was on my walk this morning I reflected on how as much as we have enjoyed the process of this remodel, we are looking forward to short trips of RV travel and then hitting the road fulltime and making recordings for our Grandson to keep up with us and for anyone else that is on a similar path, or just thinking about options for their own future.

Thank you to all who have subscribed to our channel and that follow our blog!  We appreciate your interest!


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