This weekend we went to our first GMC Rally.  We’ve owned our 1975 Eleganza II for over a year and have observed via Facebook the GMC Cascaders meet-ups.  We haven’t (yet) become members of their group but have been availing ourselves to their group to ask questions. As always, the drive to LaConner, WA was beautiful.  The 11 miles or so from I-5 are filled with farm houses and in the spring you are surrounded by tulip and daffodil fields.  This time of year there are plenty of farm animals along with the  Canadian geese that are taking a breather before they head further north.

The city of LaConner is full of art galleries and little shops that line the Swinomish Channel.  Even on a rainy day it is a lovely walk and I had to remind myself ‘simplify’ and ‘minimize’ throughout our stroll.  I DID however stop at the Olive store to make a small purchase that I can’t write about since it will be going under someone’s tree in a few weeks .We stopped and each had a warm bowl of clam chowder in the heated terrace at the LaConner Brewing Company.

Not realizing he was going to be waiting in the truck, Olaf was excited as we approached the RV park where the GMC Cascaders were.  I tried to play it cool but couldn’t wait to get parked and walk through the campgrounds to see the line up of 20 or so GMC Motorhomes.

We were greeted immediately by members of the organization and welcomed to tour their GMC’s.  It was fun to talk to others who are passionate about their RV’s and open to sharing what they’ve done to theirs and listen to us talk about ours.  We have only been inside our own so it was great to visit a Royale and other models – as much as they are all the same, the floor plans are so different.  The ones we saw were pretty much in original condition which was fun to see.


As we left a rainbow appeared to cap off a great day.


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