I spent a good amount of time this morning deleting CYBER MONDAY emails.  I managed to not tempt myself by opening them to just take a peek to see what the deals are.  I am on a mailing list for GMAdeals.com which is a rough one to avoid, I don’t care what Oprah’s recommendations are but sometimes seeing something 50% off is hard to pass up.

pam 67 cousins.png

While not all of our family and friends are on the same simplify and minimize path that we are, it seems wrong to fill their stockings with things that they will eventually have to hold in their hands and decide if it brings them joy before putting it in the keep/donate/toss pile!  I’ve been working on our gift list for a while and writing down ideas, crossing some out and adding new ideas.  I’ve decided no new coffee cups to add to their collections but maybe a bag of good coffee to have in the favorite cup they already have, no new ‘spa sets’ but perhaps a gift card for a mani/pedi.  No new toys but an experience like a zoo pass or a movie gift card.


I’m even second guessing a cookie decorating party – as fun as it is, perhaps we should go for a walk on the beach and get a coffee and donut at Top Pot instead of spending money on baking supplies and having dozens of cookies to eat.  I need to remind myself it’s about us getting together not how much we spend or that every activity is an Instagram opportunity.

#cybermonday #justsayno #liveyourbestlife #simplify #minimize #livesmall #tinyhouseliving #doesitbringyoujoy

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