A can of spray paint makes a big difference

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The frames of our windows on the 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza II were a certain shade of purple with speckles of black paint remaining from an earlier paint job by a previous owner.  Now that we have replaced the felts for the windows and they are snug it’s time to have them look as nice as they are functional.

We lightly sanded the frames and wiped them down with rubbing alcohol.    After investing in a Sunday newspaper (who knew they were still in print??) we generously framed the window with yards of painters tape and paper.  All this paper may have been overkill but we wanted to be sure there was no overspray.

Prepwork stinks so we saved what is now a template for the windows on the other side.  We modified the template for the kitchen and door windows and grabbed a left over piece of the beadboard to use as a guard for overspray so didn’t have to paper quite as wide.

dad window

Two weeks later the sun came back to Seattle (on a weekend) and we were able to do the living area windows.  We know it could be Spring before we get another day that is both sunny and warm enough to finish the cab area windows, besides we ran out of paint so I need to order another can.

With the pin striping we applied earlier and the newly painted frames, the 44 year old paint looks brighter too.  We could get lucky and have the perfect weather this winter but it may be May or June before the stars align so we can do the cab windows.


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