You don’t have to agree with my dream, but I hope you have a dream of your own!

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The Summer of Me stretched into October quickly but now I’m back to work part time.  I never did get the kitchen painted!

I had lunch with a colleague last week, we worked together indirectly a few decades (decades?? sigh) ago so it was nice to reconnect.  She is of the age where she could collect her retirement in addition to social security plus be on medicare  and I asked how long she planned on working.  Without hesitation she answered that as long as she could keep up with work she was staying because what was she going to do, ‘just sit and stare at the walls at home’?    It made me sad and I thought of a quote I saw recently “Dreams don’t work unless you do”, my interpretation is good things don’t just happen, you have to pursue the dream and find a way to make it work – and more importantly you have to DREAM.

We have always loved travel.  As the next stage in our life was/is approaching we knew we wanted to continue to travel and it took a while to find a path that would fit our personalities, our health, our age, our comfort, our curiosity – which led to traveling in our own home.

We are so immersed in the plans for our near future, of living in our restored 1975 GMC Motorhome and waking up to a new view from our back window, I forgot others aren’t living the same vision.  As retirement was approaching we dreamt of a life that would bring us joy and we found like minded people on YouTube and Facebook and blogs and in books.  We’ve been lucky to meet a few fulltime RV’ers in person on the way, and some we feel we know, who share our sense of adventure and desire to do more then ‘stare at the walls’.  We’ve been supported by friends who may think we are crazy but it’s not new to them anymore so seeing that look in someone’s face that hasn’t witnessed the process of our plans was strange.  It made me sad, not because she looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head, but because she had no dream.   People say life is short – I don’t know about that, sometimes life is LOOONNNGGGGGG and it’s hard and it can easily beat you down but it sure makes it easier to get up in the morning when you are pursuing your dreams.

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2 Replies to “You don’t have to agree with my dream, but I hope you have a dream of your own!”

  1. Love your Enthusiasm and your Dream! We are like minded and hope to be off in the next year.
    Hoping our paths cross, but regardless, taking off in our GMC’s will fuel the adventures!

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