Composting toilet….. I’m singing it’s praises!

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composting toilet

No matter how much people appreciate the work we have done on our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza II, the AirHead Composting toilet tends to bring the biggest reaction.  Years ago we had a Tioga camper in which we enjoyed the great outdoors  – until the ‘big spill’.  Yep….. the black tank hose broke as we were dumping.  Truth be told I ran, ran away while leaving son and husband to clean up the mess.  And from that moment I was ‘done’ and we vacationed via cruise ship!

You can bet there was a lot of research and second guessing when it came to deciding to install a composting toilet.  The first YouTube video we watched was a stomach churner, others were a Home Depot bucket with a pool noodle and a handmade pvc handle to mix the mush.  Shudder!  We watched Gone with the Wynn’s explanation of the composting toilet and a few others but it was the video from The Motorhome Experiment that pushed us over to the dark side.  When Paul emptied his Nature’s Head toilet in the middle of his living room we were sold ( ).  After researching we decided on the Air Head Composting toilet for a few reasons, one is the comfort of a ‘real’ toilet seat and the another is the ease of removing the urine tank and sliding it back in place.

Removing the toilet wasn’t a big job.  We plugged up the hole to the combined black/gray tank and then leveled the area before applying fiberglass to prevent any water leaking from the shower.

Installing the Air Head toilet wasn’t difficult – they send great instructions and there are videos available.  There is a 12v fan from the solid waste container that you will attach to a vent pipe and there are solar vent covers you could use to power the fan to save it running from your batteries.

I am an advocate of the composting toilet and will talk someone’s ear off about it so it’s a challenge to not give a tutorial!  Please be assured there is NO odor and it is clean and easy to maintain.  The coco coir is easy to mix with water.  The urine tank is easy to empty and rinse clean with water and vinegar and reinstall.  We clean the toilet bowl after each use with a vinegar and water concentrate that we keep in a spray bottle on the bathroom counter.   Emptying the solids tank is easy and a clean process also –  no more black tank hoses to empty and clean and store.

Thank you for sticking with us this month as we wrote every day!  We’ve done a few more improvements this month that we will post next week.  I really do appreciate your taking the time out of your day to follow along and hope it’s given some inspiration to make changes, not just in an rv but if you are looking at life wondering what’s next, it’s okay to dive in and follow your heart.

Here is a link to a video of the ‘now’ – though things are always changing.

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