The bathroom is a two parter!

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last bar of soap from Paris

When we were doing our research and touring RV’s of all the things people said to check that stuck with me was the ‘drop the soap’ challenge! To see if the shower was ample you need to close the door and pretend you dropped a bar of soap and see if you have space to bend over and pick it up. It was definitely one of those activities you looked over your shoulder both ways to see if anyone could see you before you giggled and gave it a go! We found our wetbath was very spacious.

The structure of the bathroom was flawless, no cracks in the fiberglass walls or countertop, mirror was not even scratched, there were certainly some updates needed.  We took out the medicine cabinet so we could extend new cables and electrical wires from the living area to the bedroom.

We put a camera down the toilet to be sure all was clean and sealed correctly.  We removed the hot water tank and replaced the faucet.  The shower hose is attached to the sink faucet which limits your options for faucets, this one is plastic also but it looks nice and updated.

The bathroom ceiling fan is in good working order so we kept it as is.  It wouldn’t be wrong to guess part of the selling point for me was the blue cabinet doors(!).  We added a teak bath ‘mat’ and the palm leaf shower curtain to stay within our beach cabana theme. There is plenty of room for the soap test in addition to no yellowing over the years of the shower walls.

composting toilet

Oh…. did I mention we made one big improvement in the bathroom???  Tomorrow’s post will cover the new toilet!

This is the video we made when we first got our Eleganza II two years ago.  (I know I called it a dry bath!)

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