Clean water, hot water, as long as it’s not leaking water!

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The highlight reel is the beautiful Berkey sitting on the counter top and the tankless hot water system installed and running perfectly.  The Berkey really is great, the water tastes good when it goes through the gravity based filtering system (the further I get in this daily blog challenge, the better I’m getting at summarizing!).  The reality is – whew that tankless hot water system was a tiny bit challenging to install!

We replaced the water pump since it was old and worn out and needed to be retired (I can relate!).  We knew we wanted a tankless hot water tank so we took the (original?) hot water tank out.  Instead of trying to maneuver it out of the bathroom cabinet we temporarily removed the wall between the bathroom and bedroom.  The space in the bathroom cabinet can now be used for storage.

The tankless hot water heater was something we did a lot of research on before taking the plunge.  It was definitely a job and a half to install and more then a few trips to various hardware stores and a stop at American Hose and Fitting which maybe should have been where we started.  We took out the fridge and lined the entire area with reflectix type insulation before installing the tankless hot water propane heater and putting the fridge back.  There are a lot of instruction videos on YouTube plus many manufacturers so I’m not going to post the name of the one we purchased.  We really like the instant hot water (as long as you have good water pressure), it was well worth the frustration of the install!

Hot, clean coffee after a hot shower (you’ll have to take my word on the shower!)


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