Less is more when storage is at a premium

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As some of us are hitting a certain age we are beginning to look around and wonder how we got all this ‘stuff’ and it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘does it bring me joy’ and ‘will my kids want this” thinking process.  We have been slowly purging for a couple years, even before we knew for sure that we were going to pursue fulltime RV life.  The things we keep need to fit in our RV!

We are trying to make use of any open space in the kitchen,  we are using stackable measuring spoons and cups, collapsible containers, and we found a multipurpose strainer mixing bowl.  If you have a GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2 your top drawer in the sink may have the same split drawer – this gray silverware holder from JosephJoseph (not affiliated) fits perfectly.  We made the entry ‘closet’ into a pantry with spice jars from the Container Store (not affiliated…sigh) and some wire shelves.

Little things like clear plastic shoeboxes at the bottom of the hall closet, a cosmetic suitcase for remotes and headphones, a basket that fits on the step and another Ikea system are great, however…. the little wall hanging ‘guy’ for my Swiffer sweeper might be my favorite ‘space saver’!

It’s all a work in progress even though the hallway drawers are tidy (because they are nearly empty).   The center photo is the cupboard under the fridge.  What a mess!  And the area under the bathroom sink, where we took out the water heater, has great potential for storage but we haven’t gotten to it yet.  Those seem like good winter projects.


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