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One of the concerns I had when we made the decision to purchase a small (under 30 feet) RV was space to breath my own air!  Our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza II had the settee sofas.  I loved the concept of having a sitting area that was separate from the main living space.  These settee’s fold into a full-size bed and while I do not think breaking it down each night and morning is much worse then having to make the bed every day, it was just so uncomfortable to sleep on.  We tried.

I wish I remembered whose video I saw where they had the top of the mattress level with the bottom of the windows because as soon as I saw it, I knew that is what I wanted.  After we removed and spray painted the back area we built a bed frame.  We left enough room under the bed for storage plus access for any electrical work we would need (like wiring for solar).  We can also get to the water tank and water pump if necessary.

When you open the closet door the bedroom becomes a separate space now with a tv, with the help of our grandson.  We put in blackout roller shades plus, for extra insulation we lined the bedframe with indoor outdoor carpet.  Once the mattress is in and with the side blinds up at night, the curve of the rv will give us a perfect star gazing view looking up from our pillows!

We ordered a 10 inch gel foam mattress from Amazon.  The mattress weighs 50 pounds and wasn’t awkward to get in and onto the bedframe.  We ordered the full-size extra long mattress – I had intended to put foam at the head and foot of the bed but we don’t need the length and now can use that space to hold extra blankets or the fussy pillows at bedtime.  Quickzip sheets are AMAZING – out mattress is literally wall to wall so having to tuck a sheet each time you did laundry or if it were to slide off the mattress – well, ARGH.  The bed is high and both Olaf and I need to use the steps to get into bed!

I really appreciate everyone who has taken time to read our blog.  It’s been especially encouraging as I have been writing every day this month, yesterday alone we had over 1000 page views by over 100 individuals.  Thank you.

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