What to put on this wall??

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We knew we wouldn’t use the dining area furniture and this space would be best used for us as an entertainment center.  We listed the furniture to sell then give but there were no takers so we put them in the recycle section at the transfer station.


When your living area is small everything needs to serve more then one purpose.  The windows on the GMC Motorhome are a premium feature and we had already removed the cabinets above the windows in the living area to take advantage of the views.  We decided to build a televator for a tv.  We found a shoe cabinet from Ikea that we could modify to store the tv when we were traveling or wanting to enjoy the view of Our New Neighborhood and in the evenings we could relax in our recliners and stay current with our favorite YouTube channels.  It was a challenge but we were able to modify the cabinet to work with the curve of the RV and mount it to the floor and the body of the RV to be secure when traveling.

We used peel and stick tiles to cover the sides and top of the cabinet along with a little washi tape to add some color.  We are very happy with our televator!

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