Making our GMC Motorhome feel more like a home

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No matter the lighting, the couch/bunk fabric just was not a keeper. If we had children traveling with us we would have considered reupholstering the couch that transforms into a bunkbed.  Since it’s the two of us, our priority was finding seating that would fit without compromising comfort.

We went to RV shows specifically to sit in living area chairs and sofas.  We contemplated building a platform to set the seats on to give us more length, perhaps a couch with all the bells and whistles.  Then it was a question of choosing which company to make the purchase.


We had 62 inches to work with and we found what we were looking for at Recpro.  These two wall hugging 30 inch recliners fit perfectly with a smidge of wiggle room to spare!  It’s looking more homey each day.

living before after

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