The modification process of the restoration

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With the solar panels (100 watt) and the generator (6k Cummings Onan) and inverter/charger (2000 watt) and new fuses and new wiring and a battery bank of four 6 volt golf cart batteries, we have plenty of power options to run the ‘home’ portion of our GMC Motorhome.

Sighhhh….… the monitors.  I know they are important so you can look at a glance to see how much solar we are capturing and using and what our battery levels are BUT I HAD ALREADY PAINTED THAT WALL.  Inhale, exhale and know that it is a good thing and touching up paint is not that big of a deal.

Here is where the electrical system modifications all pay off.  USB ports in the arm rest of passenger seat, standard and usb ports behind the recliners in the living area and another standard outlet with easy access from the galley.  I love my ‘nightstand’ in the bedroom – this little outlet cover desk has enough room for my phone and glasses.  Two outlets at opposite ends of the foot of the bed gives us more options to power up phones, computers and the rest.

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