Yes…. I told you it was pink!  The linoleum in the galley, the carpet in the living area, the walls, the steps to the cab area and the furniture – all a form of tootie fruitie!  I made a canvas with pieces of the carpet, wall and furniture so we’d always have a reference point of where we started.  I also made a folkart type card and sent to @VeganRV so they could share in the joy of musty pink goodness!

Pulling up the linoleum was….hard.  Pulling, yanking and prying up the carpet and then using needle nose pliers to remove staples was no picnic either and may have involved a lot of sneezing!

When we bought the RV we checked for water damage by stomping on the floors, pushing on walls, doing smell tests and we were confident she was in good shape.  Even doing our due diligence to check everything, we felt such a relief when we pulled up the flooring and found only one small soft spot which was right at the entry.  We cut that small section (6″x6″) out and replaced with dry wood then continued with the process of preparing for new flooring.  My advice to anyone doing a remodel in an rv would be to start with the floor, not to finish it until painting is done but to know right away if you have damage that needs to be repaired.  Again, we feel fortunate our 40+ year old rv wasn’t hiding any surprises beyond that little section.

Using a dry erase marker was a great idea to mark the flooring before cutting to size.  This click lock flooring was so easy to install – with the occasional ‘dang it’ when we would cut the wrong side.  We love the clean look, not just in comparison to what we had but because it is so pretty.  And…. you can wear your shoes.



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