The cab area in the GMC Motorhome

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Because we knew our RV had already been through a renovation, it made it easier to make the changes we wanted without worrying about keeping the authenticity of each detail to it’s original design.  While some want to keep things just as they were, some want to modify to make it their own, I think both schools of thought should be equally respected.   As I’ve mentioned before, our old girl was pink, if I remember correctly the color name was tootie fruity!  It had to go.

We love to travel and we love a beach vacation so going with a beach cabana type interior (without going overboard) was an easy choice.  HOWEVER the not going overboard was a challenge!  We decided for the cab area we still wanted a feel of the 70’s so we ordered shag carpet from Home Depot.  The seats we had were in pretty bad shape, cracked and the arm rests were missing – plus, they were pink and yellowed.  We happened to find two seats on Craigslist that we were able to install without any modifications.

We painted the dash and purchased a dash cover and the cab area has come together nicely.  We put in black out curtains and have put in a led light rope to add some flash!

The seats swivel completely around giving us enough seating for four, with the seahorse puff there is seating for five!

Thank you for coming along on our journey.  We started the blog so we could look back and have a dateline for the changes we’ve made in the RV because things tend to blur as you get older!


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