The ceiling brought blood, sweat and tears – but it was worth it!

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The ceiling was certainly a process of trial and error. Our ceiling was…. honestly I had to go back and look at the video because I couldn’t remember!  It was a white-ish soft paneling with material over it that we carefully removed so we could use for templates.  I feel fortunate to have a partner of 35 plus years who is encouraging when I slump my shoulders knowing I’m thinking we are in over our heads without my saying a word!

Originially we wanted to use formica for the ceiling.  It was easy to cut to size BUT formica does not like to be curved and screwed to a ceiling we quickly learned.  So we licked our wounds, put our thinking caps back on and chose to use lauan panels and cover them with gray vinyl.  Then it was a question of which adhesive to use, wood glue worked best in our tests.  Before we put the panels up we updated and added electrical wiring and installed led puck lights for overhead lighting in addition to leaving space for our new MaxxFan’s

There is a narrow rib to attach the panels to so there was some trimming that needed to be done to get the panels to butt up next to each other.  The area above the pantry closet (central vacuum closet on some GMC models) had to be gently lifted to get the panel to fit.  And of course, no project is complete without a bit of blood, sweat and (my) tears!

The hard work paid off and we are happy with the results.  We spray painted the ac control panel so it looks as new as the puck lighting and the frame for the MaxxFan.  The ceiling molding we used to frame the windows ties it all together.


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