Little did I know that Entrez-vous is considered poor grammar in French – it sounds so lovely.  I will have to settle for “Welcome” to the interior of the Eleganza II, starting with the door!

Sometimes you have to ignore first impressions and look at the potential and not the reality! Our poor door was in pretty sad shape when we got our 1975 GMC Motorhome.  The good news is we knew it was well insulated but it did need new weather stripping so the door would shut snuggly and not leak on rainy Seattle days.

We added a keyless door lock.  One of the advantages of using the beadboard for interior walls is it is easy to remove to make changes to wiring and then pop back in leaving no one the wiser that you changed your mind – again!

Upcycling the door handle was fun – a bit of twine and hot glue updated the handle and I found ways throughout the rv to pull it all together (like doing the same to the seatbelt base covers).

Beadboard, white spray paint, gray spray paint (because I thought it was white but I like the gray now too!) and Duck Tape – what a difference it all makes.


#gmcmotorhome #eleganza2 #diy #newdoor #hotgluegun #ducktape #elbowgrease #liveyourbestlife #looksaredeceiving #semitretirement #makingoldnew #readytohitheroad

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