Day 4 – Tracking on her own was not acceptable behavior! GMC Motorhome is sailing smoothly now.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, it was exciting to see the number of views this week.  Yesterday old family friends came by to see the RV for the second time, the last time they were here things were completely tore apart and I don’t think they could have possibly seen our vision. It was so nice yesterday to have them see how she looks now and feel as cozy inside as we do.

We replaced the bearings, bushings, shocks and the damper. It wasn’t easy (!) but oh the difference in the ride is a world of difference. No more white knuckles for the driver or the passenger.

One of many things I have learned along the road of this restomod is that tires for RV’s especially tend to age out before they wear out, which can lead to tire damage or a blow out.  Checking the year a tire was made is important – they all have a ‘code’ that is generally circled on the tire.  The numbers 1219 represent the 12th week of 2019, anything over five years needs to be replaced.  Tire air pressure is based on how much weight you are carrying, there was a bit of conflicting information so we wrote directly to Goodrich and here is part of their reply – The amount of air pressure required in each tire on an RV depends on the weight of the fully loaded vehicle. Therefore, the RV has to be weighed loaded by individual wheel position. Correct procedure on weighing the RV can be found in our RV Tire Guide under “How To Weigh The Recreational Vehicle”. Once the actual corner loads are known, the correct air pressures can be determined. Use the RV load and inflation table ( ) to establish the air pressure for the heaviest side of the RV. Match the opposite tire(s) across the axle with the same pressure. It is acceptable to add a small amount of additional pressure as a safety margin.

The original wheels where 16 1/2 inches which if you have tire trouble on the road could be a challenge to find a tire of that size. We found wheels from We decided to go with 16 inch tires and purchased them at Costco since they have a warranty of sorts and there are Costco’s about everywhere. It was a challenge (the theme of a restomod) to get the tires off but we conquered it.  We took the original hubcaps and fitted them to the new wheels – we love them.

Tires we purchased from 4WheelOnLine – 322-XD77566080299
XD775 Rockstar Front, 16″ x 6″

The wheels from Costco are – COMM T/A AS2 LT225/75R16 93775 LRE 115R BSW
Item # ‌1081752‌


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2 Replies to “Day 4 – Tracking on her own was not acceptable behavior! GMC Motorhome is sailing smoothly now.”

  1. Hello. Are you in Seattle? I am a former journalist and present singer-songwriter. I intend to buy a GMC motorhome in the next six months to live in full-time and tour the country performing my songs at campsites, RV parks, house concerts, motorhome rallies, music festivals and small venues. I would love to buy you lunch and pick your brain. My email is Thanks for your time and consideration. Hope all is well with you and yours. Kind regards. David.


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