GMC Motorhome Eleganza II Day 3 of the updates

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As I was going over my list of topics I wanted to cover for these ‘year in review’ posts and realized I have been grouping items together OH NOOOO – how will I come up with 18 posts?  Today I am self editing and showing you the air compression system and saving the steering for tomorrow!

The GMC Motorhome has front wheel drive  with a unique, automatic leveling, load adjustable air suspension system that can be set manually when parked or set to self-level when driving. These designs provide better traction and more room for living, since you are sitting on top of the front wheels instead of them being back a bit and having the wheel wells impede into the living space. Better traction and more living space is a big deal for fulltime RV living.

The air suspension system operates using a  compressor, valves, and controls in conjunction with air springs, all things that need to be replaced overtime.  Thankfully getting to the actual air bags is easy, you just remove the T-skirt, of course like any other repair ‘easy’ is relative.

After 44 years there was certainly work to be done to give us a smooth ride.  There are two schools of advice about the air bags.   We chose to replace the Hensley Air Bags with Sully bags.

We also replaced the air compressor with a Viair compressor.    To quote the Viair description – The VIAIR 300P Portable Compressor offers inflation of up to 33-inch tires at a rapid rate, and operation at up to 150 PSI for up to 15 continuous minutes at a time….. We can use the Viair to fill our tires if needed or pool toys!

We knew we had a small leak in our compression lines, somewhere. When checking with a bottle of soapy water we saw where we had a small leak behind the compressor switches in the cab area that just took a little tightening. Whew…. truly an easy fix!

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  1. Sweet looking GMC Motorhome. I find it way more attractive than the Winnebago Brave or Chieftain, I also find it way more attractive than what’s being offered today.

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