GMC Motorhome Eleganza II -exterior updates

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Yesterday we showed the roof of our GMC Motorhome Eleganza II, today I’m working my way down around the exterior (but not including the tires/wheels/batteries).

A forty-four year old RV may need a bit lipstick and rouge and a lot of elbow grease to bring back the shine.  The Imron paint holds up great over the decades of exposure to weather and with cutting compound and then polishing compound when you are done, you think the ‘The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades’.

We definitely needed new window felts, the window in the living area was SO loose that I’m sure a good wind would have pushed one of the side windows right out.  It wasn’t nearly as complicated as we thought it would be and we did not have to take the window panes out, just a bit of push and pull.  It’s nice to have  snug fitting windows.

New windshield wiper (yes, I only bought one to be sure it fit – after we drove in rain I remembered to order the second one!).  We needed a new passenger side mirror – nothing is ever plug and play with this girl, an hour project generally turns into a day project!

A drippy gray/black tank is no good!  And while we later made a complete change to the exisitence of a black tank at this point we replaced the broken (leaking) gate valve and then rerouted the gray/black tank  pipes from the back to the side of the rv, making it easier to hook up to a campsite drain system.

You can see our year has been busy – I’m guessing we had maybe four weekends all year that were not RV related!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s review.  If you are so inclined please hit the like button and subscribe, keep the pressure on my to stay on schedule!


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