Day one of the year in review! Starting at the top.

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As we look back at owning our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza II for nearly a year, I’m reviewing our restomod process.  Never in 100 years would we have guessed what we were capable of when it came to the updates and improvements we have made this year on the RV.  One thing I am not good at is summarizing so it will be an effort to be brief and skim the surface and I won’t be going in any particular order.  Please check out our YouTube channel for a few videos of before, during and after for more information, plus you can look back at previous blog posts for more information.  We are on Instagram too but that tends to be a lot of stereotypical Instagram worthy food shots!

It seems easiest to start at the top – so off to the roof we go.  We were fortunate to have minimal leaking, a small drip of a leak at the front seam where the end cap meets the body and the same in the back.  There was essentially no water damage at all but one of our first jobs was to seal everything on the roof with Dicor.  We replaced a vent cover and replaced the ceiling fans with two MaxxFan Deluxe Fans.

We knew we wanted some solar power in addition to the 6k Onan generator we have.  There was a lot of YouTube viewing and we found DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse to be especially helpful.  We chose two 100 watt panels and then it was a process of where to put them and how to attach them.

Everyone knows how important it is to stay in touch – though part of the appeal of fulltime rv-ing to me is to escape the noise!  But a cellphone booster is a system which amplifies an existing cell phone signal and broadcasts it to an area which does not currently have good signal and that is a good thing to have.  We attached ours to the rooftop TV antennae.

I just went out and looked at the roof, I think I remembered everything!  We have applied Dicor sealant, removed the air conditioner cover and removed old wasp nests and blew out the components to clean everything, replaced a vent cover, installed solar panels, Maxxfan’s and a cellphone booster.  But wait…there’s more.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when we review other changes!

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