A sign summer is almost over

We spent a quiet week in Silverdale Washington recently.  We had planned to end our summer with a week long trip camping in our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza II but when we saw the list of to do’s for the steering we cancelled our campsite.  Of course we did finish it with time to spare but our site was long gone.  No sour grapes for us, we chose to stay at a hotel near the same area!

We walked the Clear Creek Trail and soaked in the last days of a Seattle summer, there were gray skies but the weather was warm.  We enjoyed walking on the beach and visiting Old Town and sitting to watch the herons, seagulls and crows pick up clams and drop them on rocks to crack them open so the could enjoy the bounty of their hunt.

As much as we love traveling to a scorching Caribbean Beach, taking a cruise, exploring cities like New York and Boston or hopping across the pond to Europe, we also appreciate the simplicity of breathing in the fresh air of our home state, Washington.  We aim to be travelors, not tourists, to know enough about where we are that we can be a temporary member of the neighborhood.

Olaf loves the beach

We love fancy and we love simplicity and we giggle when Olaf enjoys himself too!


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