Eleganza II
New pinstriping

I can not believe it is nearly a year from when we purchased our 1975 GMC Eleganza II, and today when I opened my Events alarm calendar I see the countdown clock shows we are hitting the road full time in 1486 days! I’m thankful for so many things, not the least being TIME.  The past year has been full of weekends and week nights updating our future home, from new wiring and lights, solar panels and a composting toilet, new floors and a televator to steering bushings and new windshield wipers!  All equally important in their own way.

Even though we have only had two short trips, beyond our own Driveway Surfing, to test our systems this year,  our two 100 Watt Polycrystalline 100W 12V Solar Panels have given us so much more freedom.   If part of living the RVNomad life is leaving a small footprint and making better decisions to be a conservator of the land, then our Airhead Composting Toilet is very important too.  The water we save from not having a water flushing toilet not only extends our stays in an area that may not have water and electricity hook ups but it also frees up our gray/black combined tank.  This gives us more opportunities for free casino stays!


When we replaced the sofa/bunk bed in the living area with two Recpro recliners we questioned how the heater would flow since the hoses were under the sofa in a storage area.  Not wanting the air to just blast into the bottom of the recliner, we repurposed this drier vent to direct the air into the center of the space.  Not that we want to travel where we need heat, but until then I suppose heat is a good thing to have!

Pantry and fridge

Figuring out how to use the closet that had the option, originally, for a vacuum system to get the most bang for our buck was something we had to thing about.  It is now used for spice racks and dry food storage.  The door has clear command hooks hidden behind the netting for our keys.  The surfboards are perfect to hang a ball cap on.  I love using our own photos to decorate with, so am very happy with the canvas print that fit to cover the freezer door and the thin corkboard that covers the fridge door has the potential to hold notes and photos though I like the plain simplicity of how it looks now.

Now, with all the updates and safety features we have added and I SHOULD be highlighting – and hopefully will have a video out in the next few weeks to discuss – this engine compartment light is one of my favorite features of the GMC Motorhome.  After we replaced the glass fuse with a 15 amp spade fuse this light is now working.  The fixture can be pulled off it’s mount and can reach across the engine compartment and though we haven’t pulled it all the way we think it will reach around the entire motorhome!   I love the engineers behind this Eleganza II.  Do you have a favorite feature in your RV, whether it’s retro or new?


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