He wants pizza…how do we make it (reasonably) diabetic friendly?

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If you or someone you love has diabetes, you know the challenge of keeping the carbs low.  We really stumbled in the beginning, thinking a ‘healthy’ food plan consisting of fruit and vegetables and  low calorie foods was the answer.  Gosh, we were on the wrong track!  I think it’s important to go to a specialist, a general practitioner knows a little about a lot but a specialist (if you find the right one) knows a lot about what you need to know about your individual diagnosis.  It’s a team effort and your medical team should consist of your general practitioner, your endocrinologist and your own research and fearless questioning of everything.

While we are preparing to live fulltime in our GMC Motorhome Eleganza II when we retire, I’m already making notes of recipes I make now to adjust to road living.  Whether I cook in the convection oven, Instant Pot or outdoors on a grill, the recipes also need to be healthy and work with the food plan we have ‘at home’.

My favorite diabetic lost over 140 pounds on the diabetic food plan of high fat and low carb foods over five years ago and has kept the weight off.  He was never a sweet tooth guy so not what many think of as a candidate for the ‘sugars disease’.  Over the years we have adjusted recipes and become better label readers, not worrying about calorie intake but carb and dietary fiber numbers.

I was excited to try  cauliflower pizza crust and bought one from the grocery store – WITHOUT looking at the label. Premade cauliflower pizza crust in stores is usually made with cornstarch. Other common ingredients include corn flour, potato starch, and tapioca starch. Even though these are gluten-free, they are definitely not low carb. Argh!  We have made the crust ourselves at home, cooking and ricing the cauliflower and seasoning it and it was…fine.  A few weeks ago as we were perusing YouTube we saw a two ingredient pizza crust recipe using Greek Yogurt and self rising flour.  The flour is a problem but when you break it down to a generous serving size and control the ingredients you add for the pizza toppings it is doable.


We cooked ours on our grill and added two cherry wood branches to the coals to add a nice smoke.   This is definitely a recipe we can take on the road with us to cook either in the convection oven or over coals in a firepit (or when we splurge for the Blackstone grill!).



The recipe for the crust is 1 1/2 cup of self rising flour and 2 cups of Greek Yogurt.  We mixed it in the Kitchenaid  mixer with the dough hook until it formed a ball then rolled it out to the size of the pizza stone.  While the dough sat we started the coals in the grill – once they were ready we put the pizza stone on the grill to get it hot.  Once we had a good smoke going and the heat was ‘right’ we assembled the pizza toppings.  For us that was tomato sauce, with no sugar added, and our own seasonings of thyme, basil, a grated clove of garlic and salt.  We scattered mozzarella and cheddar cheese and topped with pepperoni slices before sliding it onto the hot pizza stone.  I didn’t time it, just kept an eye for bubbling cheese and a browning crust and lifted it occasionally to be sure it was burning underneath.  It was a delicious pizza and while it wasn’t as low carb as a cauliflower crust, there were no hidden sugars or carbs.


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