New Instant Pot Accessory!

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Stacking Egg Rack

The Instant Pot works so well in the GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2 – we can be completely unplugged with just our solar charging our batteries and I use it to make our favorite meals

I was pretty excited to find this stackable egg steamer rack for our (six quart) Instant Pot. In keeping with the low carb diet for my favorite diabetic, I make a lot of boiled eggs.  We make egg salad to serve on Killer Dave’s skinny bread or on celery sticks for some crunch or just for a snack by itself.  He doesn’t like it ‘fancy’ so I just add mayo and mustard with some fresh ground pepper and kosher salt.  The Instant Pot is a miracle (to me) when it comes to egg perfection, setting it on manual for four minutes makes for a perfectly cooked egg and simple to peel, without loosing any part of the egg.  The rack I was using only held 5 eggs so doing a dozen at once is another time saver.

Four minute eggs

We really enjoy the Momofuku Soy Sauce Eggs for it’s salty goodness.  It’s a marinade of soy sauce, sherry vinegar, sugar (I use Splenda) and water and when you cut the eggs in half they are pretty AND delicious.


I found stackable insert pans for the Instant Pot too.  Can’t wait to try them later this week!  Do you have an Instant Pot?  Do you like it?  Do you USE it?


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2 Replies to “New Instant Pot Accessory!”

  1. I got one for Christmas last year and when I’ve used it, really enjoyed it!
    We got ours with our GMC in mind too.
    I’ve made two dishes requiring saute’ing. (I used chicken tenders. It sautes wonderfully.)
    I’ve made Chili using a bulgar wheat mixture for the meat. It sometimes dries out too much when cooking on the stove top, but turns out great in the Instant Pot.
    My biggest challenge has been adjusting recipes to just two people.
    We are excited for our future, where we can be going down the road and know we’ll have a great meal when we stop for the day.

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