When things feel like they are going to the dogs you gotta embrace the moment!  Yesterday we threw a ‘Dog Party’ and invited a small group of compatible dogs to come play.  Thanks to Pinterest I was able to set a table for the adults too!

We got to laugh while we ate Paw-sta salad and cheese ruffs (well, not everything is low carb) and had a cookie for dessert.  Hot dogs, hot links and polish sausages and, of course, ribs from The Swinery rounded out the menu.

The dogs had fun too.  It was near impossible to get a photo without someone being out of focus and there are a lot of photos of the tunnel…. because they were too fast getting in and out of it to get caught on film!

Earlier in the day we had company over who hadn’t seen the GMC Motorhome in person.  It was fun to give a quick tour to someone who has heard about our project, ad naseuam,  and show them what we have done.  It was a very good day.

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