Heavy hearts but happy memories

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jan art 2This week my mother-in-law suddenly passed away.  While we are all processing this and finding our own path to acceptance I wanted to share a few words about her.

She was a creative woman who loved to paint and had recently, in her 70’s, started a webpage to sell her artwork.  She loved dressing up in Victorian garb and hosting tea parties.  She loved road trips and exploring the back roads.  She loved her sister and was planning a visit to her in just a few short weeks.  She was a young mom and a young grandma, who got a kick out of it when our oldest was born and the nursing staff wasn’t going to let her in for ‘family only’ visit because there was no way she was a grandma.  She came up in a time when the role of a woman’s place was changing, like many woman in that time she struggled with the balance of burning your bra in protest and providing a traditional home.
jan art

When she was given the opportunity she created memories with her grandchildren.  She created memories our youngest remembers fondly,  taking him to plays and sharing her love of art as they crafted clay projects together.  She loved to play music.  She had a youthful heart.  She could order a pizza like a pro and found the secret to perfect gravy.  She is missed.







One Reply to “Heavy hearts but happy memories”

  1. So Sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful and amazing person who focused on Living her life, not on things.


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