How long has this been tucked into a tool box??

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I’m sure when he originally picked up this contraption (reversible gear puller) at a garage or an estate sale who knows how many years ago, I shook my head and said, “What in the world is that??”  I can also assume he didn’t pay the $10 on the sticker because he’s a pretty good negotiator.  I’ve learned over the years he knows his tools and while we may have to wait ten years to use one but when we need it, it’s here!

With two outings under our belts we are finding the GMC Motorhome has it’s own style of road handling. The GMC is unique in that when you are in the driver (and passenger) seats you are directly above the wheels, not centered like in a car or more traditional rv. When you are eight feet wide and sitting above the engine compartment and there is no ‘nose’ to give you a focal point to assist you in knowing where you are in the lane, it adds to the learning curve.  This makes it seem you are driving directly into oncoming traffic which gives you this feeling:
In addition to feeling like a 15 year old in Driver’s Ed, we have a slight understeer.      After some research on the Classic GMC Motorhome site on Facebook we found some helpful suggestions of things to look into.

Now that we’ve taken the steering knuckle off we can see the CV joint seems in good shape.  The bearings don’t look bad but we will replace them anyway, once you’ve stripped things down this far you may as well replace anything that looks like it could be one step from wonky! New shocks should arrive this week (in addition to the window wiper I ordered on our drive home in the rain).  The journey continues.  And may I say, this is why we have a four year plan to fulltime RV living, we can do these projects on our own timeline and work out any kinks before we have new views from our back window on a daily/weekly/monthly basis!


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