Snoqualmie Casino
Only a 45 minute drive

We decided to grab a few things and head off in the GMC Motorhome for an overnight stay at the Snoqualmie Casino.  Many casinos offer free overnight parking for RV’s and the Snoqualmie Casino actually lets you park for 72 hours without having to check in (at the time of our stay anyway).

Only one cupboard opened this time!

Our adjustments to the cupboards from our first trip out made a big difference – only one cupboard door came open!  And just a few tools that I didn’t secure in the tool bag slid a bit, huge improvement.  Putting a towel under the stove top really reduced the rattle sound and we secured the Berkey in the sink by tucking it in a towel in the sink.

Plenty of room!
Snoqualmie Casino RV Parking

It is first come first serve for RV parking, so we left around noon on Friday and arrived to find just two spots left.  The advantage of a 26 foot motorhome is it isn’t too hard to find a place to park, this spot was made just for us – not blocking the marked pedestrian path or the RV Parking sign on the grass, no matter what the camera angle shows.

Snoqualmie Casino RV Parking

We felt great about our spot, as the others were angled parking and it seemed those that ran their generators were at the windows of the RV’s parked next to them.  It’s kind of a “Where’s Waldo”  – can you see our li’l nose poking out in front of the tree?

Although we were under no obligation to visit the casino….. we did take advantage of being 55+ and enjoyed their lunch buffet for $10.95 instead of $15.95.  When we walked past the Anchorman slot machine how could we not assume the GMC would bring us luck ? Never mind that we went in again later and lost $20 of that win.  Oh well…. at least we didn’t lose the Nest Egg like in Lost In America – a must see RV movie!

The Roads We Roam

The solar had kept our batteries charged throughout the day so we were able to watch a few hours of YouTube, using our phone as a hot spot, and were kept comfortable with the MaxxFan’s as we enjoyed a peaceful evening.  At some point in the middle of the night it started to rain so when we woke up at 6:30, we decided to head home.  Driving in the rain is no picnic and I remembered I only bought one wiper blade (wanted to be sure it fit) so I ordered the second from Amazon while we were on our way home, along with some RainX.

AirHead composting toilet urine container

What little we had to transfer into the motorhome before leaving is now inside the house and put away and the peepot is empty, clean and put back for next time.  We had just emptied and replaced the coco coir in the solids tank so as long as we give the handle a turn or two once in a while, that is good to go for quite some time.    We had a great short adventure and even though we aren’t yet fulltime RV’ers, it’s great to be able to travel in your ‘home’.


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