A Youtube video

While we didn’t take the GMC Motorhome Eleganza II on this trip – we sure spent a lot of time thinking about the days ahead when San Diego will be a part of Our New Neighborhood.  We googled places to stay and how far they were from beaches.  And I may have had an eye out for Will Prowse (DIY Solar Power), just in case he was hanging out at the beach too, or visiting the prelim’s of Comicon.

I haven’t quite figured out the whole slide show to video to YouTube process which is  obvious since my intro photo is of three (albeit delicious) fish tacos instead of the San Diego skyline.  It’s fun to dip my toes into Youtube but I am much more comfortable blogging instead of vlogging!

The video isn’t perfect but I guess life isn’t perfect, so I will quite apologizing and hope you enjoy the two plus minutes!

#gmcmotorhome #eleganza2 #rvnomad #retirement #homeiswhereyouparkit #diy #Comicon #SanDiego #OceanBeach #Hodads #gonow #don’twait #livelife #6vgolfcartbatteries #solarpower


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