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We had such a laugh last week while we were in San Diego.  While we sat outside on the terrace enjoying the peace and quiet of a marina we thought of @Gonewiththewynns and @technomadia and how boat life is not for us.  Many (MANY) moons ago we had a 26 foot Reinell boat – it was before YouTube videos let alone the internet (okay and home computers!) so learning by figuring it out as you go was the only option unless you went to the library – a building with books – to find answers.  I had grand illusions but no life skills at that point to deal with imminent fails of equipment and the stress it brought, the boat was supposed to be a temporary escape from life’s problems.  I just wanted to get in and have fun and not deal with the rest that goes along with boating life.  In all honesty I have next to no memories of that time, I think I blocked it out because it was such a ‘fail’ – though we were able to sell the boat and break even financially it was NOT fun.  After a few hours of, ‘remember when this broke? and remember when we had to be towed from there?’ which most of my answers were NO and even had to Google the boat to remember what it looked like (see, I REALLY blocked it out!), how did we get to laughing?  We realized as we were looking at the sailboats and catamarans, we were thinking why would anyone live on a boat?  Why would they choose to live on the water? Why wouldn’t they just fly to Fiji and rent a boat instead of sailing there?  And then we looked at each other and said, “Ohhhhhhh…… this must be what some of our friends must think about our decision to live in an RV!!”  We know the why’s and the reason’s we are willing to take the risks of fails and equipment hiccups and wrong turns and bad weather.


Having a location independent lifestyle is our goal, there are many ways to make the trek and our choice is our GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2.  I read this somewhere, and I agree,  because life lessons have taught us the only difference between a roadblock and an adventure is attitude.  

By the way, even with a few years under my belt and knowing that things can be fixed and learning to go with the flow, I still wouldn’t get a boat, but like comedian Bill Burr has said, I’d be happy to bring a 6 pack and enjoy the day on yours! Otherwise, I’m happy to sit on the dock and enjoy the stories of your adventures.



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