Earthquake ready? Well, more battery power anyway!

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We now have 420 amp hours to run the house system of Our New Neighborhood.  When we purchased  our 1975 GMC Eleganza II we had a 12 volt 90 amp battery next to our Cummings Onan 6k watt generator.  The battery was huge in size with little pay out.  When we installed our two 100 amp solar panels we replaced that battery with two 6V Golf Cart batteries (from Costco).  This gave us 240 amp hours but as you learn more about amps and volts and the rest, you find out it’s only 120 actual amp hours.

After our first weekend of dry camping at a Harvest Host location we knew we would want more battery capacity hours.  Our system worked great for us but we plan on doing more dry camping/ boondocking and want MORE POWER.

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We purchased two more 6V Golf Cart batteries.  Each pair of two batteries is run in series, then connected in parallel.  This system gives us two sets of 12 volt/ 420 amp hours (210 usable amp hours because you can’t let your batteries run under 50% or it will damage them)  In addition to the four batteries we now have, we added a battery monitor with a display unit that shows voltage, charge status and amp hours remaining  similar to a fuel gauge for your batteries.  We installed the display system under our Solar Power monitor so at a glance we can check our power, incoming and outgoing.


The battery compartment made for a tight fit to get four batteries installed next to the generator.  Repositioning the solenoids was the most challenging aspect of the DIY job.  There may have been scuffed knuckles and a few choice words tossed about before it was finished.  Removing the upper bolt on the generator tray, the furthest one out, was essential in order to get everything to fit.  The cabinet somewhat tapers making for a ‘snug’ fit, there are six bolts all together so removing one will cause no worries about losing the generator.  It won’t be a simple task to check the water levels and add water when necessary,  but it is nice to have the batteries in an outside area so any off gassing isn’t in our living space.   It was well worth the blood and sweat (says the one who was the soda and tool runner without the bloody knuckles!).

Flowers on Shelter Island, CA

Looking forward to our next outing!


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