If you ever wonder why we have chosen this path

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While we are going to be traveling together in our 1975 GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2 seeing where the road takes us, there are so many different ways to live a location independent lifestyle.  Everyone takes a different avenue, whether they set out as a student backpacking across Europe, a family traveling and roadschooling their children, a woman taking her telecommuting career on the road or, like us, waiting for that final whistle as we walk out the door to the freedom of  retirement.

I found a new, to me, travel vlogging couple.  I don’t see us pinning all their adventures and following their exact path but I do look forward to that feeling of awe I see on Dana’s face when she wake’s up in the morning in a ‘new neighborhood’.   I respect and admire their sense of adventure, though I probably won’t be hiking two hours in Scotland to stay in a Bothy no matter how romantic it seemed! This is a link to their time in the Seattle area and beyond last December.


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