Can you smell the fresh air? As much as I love the smell of an ocean breeze, I sure do love farm fresh air!  Our Harvest Host visit to Meaddowwood Farm in Enumclaw was like visiting my grandparents farm when I was a child.


Once we settled in and picked up what had slid out of the cupboards and may have had a beverage to soothe the soul after our first ‘real’ drive, Olaf was ready to get out and explore.  That city dog was excited for all the new smells though he did stop in his tracks when he saw the dog I’m sure was a descendent the Stark’s direwolves!  (GOT fans??)

We went for a walk to meet our new friends.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Muscovy duck before, he was so big.  We loved the chickens and of course watching cows graze is therapeutic.  The rooster was definitely the boss, or so he thinks, keeping the hens in check.

I was thrilled when I got to feed a calf,  what a grip on the bottle and, oh boy,  the look I got when the bottle was empty.  Sorry sweetie!  Later that evening we were able to ‘assist’ with milking the cows.  Have I mentioned how happy I am? Life is good.



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