We lived ‘off grid’ this weekend, no water hook up, no sewer and no plug in electricity.  We lived off our solar power*, water in our fresh water tank and used our composting toilet.  Next time I will bring our Berkey water filtration system, I did not bring it with us this time so used, gasp, bottled water.

The view from my kitchen window was the front porch of Meadowwood Farm’s organic grocery store.  It was a pretty view and we obviously closed the curtains for our privacy and the store customers privacy but while I was cooking and washing dishes, the view made me smile.

I did not bring my instant pot since I haven’t researched enough to know how many watts it would use so my menu planning was based on the gas stove top, though I do have a convection oven we installed.   I bought the Frontera brand of frozen fajita mix, it is relatively low in carbohydrates and I love the taste profile of Rick Bayless’ food.  This mix is simple to heat on the gas stove top.  I don’t know how many months ago I bought my colander/bowl set from Food52 but I was excited to finally mix a salad in it!  Heating the street size tortilla shell over the open flame added a yummy grill taste and the fresh carrots from the grocery were a great side.   Now our serving ‘plates’ may seem more for the preschool set, but I am finding them to be perfect!  They are light weight, easy to wash and you can’t lose the fork/spoon/knife.

For breakfast on Sunday morning we had coffee with steamed cream (again, from the farm store), farm fresh eggs and bacon with toast.  My splatter guard worked wonders and I remembered an apron so no grease splatter on my shirt (I am a pretty good cook but I am MESSY!).  After I fried the eggs in bacon drippings I funneled the rest of drippings  into a mason jar and put in the fridge – no grease or food down the sink.

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*We did start the generator a few times, to test it in a ‘real life’ situation but we lived off the solar power.


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