We are officially out of the driveway!  Eight months and four days after we purchased “Christine” (more on the name selection later) we are on weekend getaway and enjoying our first Harvest Host visit.

We spent fall, winter and spring on the restoration/modification of our 1975 GMC Eleganza II, (re)building toward this moment.  We joined Harvest Host back in November in anticipation of  getaway weekends and HERE WE ARE!  It was especially exciting for me to find a place in Enumclaw, Washington.  My maternal great grandparents immigrated from Austria and homesteaded there in the late 1880’s.  My Grandpa Louie owned and operated The Good Hope Dairy, with his brother Art.  The barn still houses a dairy farm which is  just four short miles from our stay at the Meadowwood Farm, an organic dairy farm.  Turning at Krain Corner, where my paternal grandfather spent many hours, brought a smile to my face as we approached the farm.

Perhaps I was a bit jittery when I suggested we drive through Renton, instead of around via I-405 and I-5 to avoid the renown Seattle traffic.  Bumpy, single lane roads in a small town isn’t an issue when driving in a car BUT now I know the bungee cords I thought we should think about to hold kitchen cupboards closed is a must not a maybe.  The advantage (?) of a Class A motorhome is there are no surprises that things are on the floor, you just have to turn your head!

The Maple Valley Highway (SR 169) is a beautiful drive along the Cedar River Valley, southwest of Squak Mountain.  You go through Black Diamond, a small town featuring the Black Diamond Bakery which was established in 1902.  When I was but a wee one we would occasionally stop for a treat.  There was no traffic and the drive went quickly – so quickly I had to send a text to our Harvest Host’s asking if we could arrive an hour or so earlier.  I DO NOT like being late or early, I’m an on-time person so I was especially grateful they allowed us to come early.  When we arrived our Host came out and went over the guidelines for our stay.  This is a working dairy farm so knowing where we could and couldn’t wander was important to us too.  We parked between their small organic products grocery store and the garden.  We finally had a view of something besides the garage door out our back window!  I’m excited to share more about our weekend after I go through the 120 plus photos I may or may not have taken!

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If you are interested in a Harvest Host membership, please use this link for a discount!  http://harvesthosts.refr.cc/pamelaandjimrogers


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